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Why I train at Monvida reason #42. This would’ve been a dislocation or broken clavicle. Instead, I told that tree at 25km/h to “step off” last night.

Larry WooO-Cup Competitor

Fitness training is not something that I ever thought I would do. But then, I never thought that I would be trekking in Nepal either. I started training with Steven a few months ago to prepare. My strength and stamina have really improved, and I feel much more confident heading out on this trip. As an added bonus, the chronic back pain I have had for years has disappeared.

Trudy Sparks

When I injured my knee, Steven adapted the workouts carefully to not only avoid injuring it further, but also to support its rehabilitation. I’m happy to say that my knee is recovering nicely, and I’m stronger, fitter, and have more energy now than I’ve had for a long time.

Julie Grierson

The Lab

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or looking to conquer the next elite competition, we have the training lab to prepare you for the real thing. We’re our own lab rats, too; you won’t be asked to do something we haven’t challenged ourselves with first.


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