March 6, 2016 in Default

Training the Mind

Working out is easy. You walk into the gym, pick up weights, put them down, and repeat until boredom sets in. That doesn’t mean that you’ve put in an honest…
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November 6, 2015 in Default

What Your Body is Really Telling You After a Workout

I was recently asked, “Steven, how sore should I feel after a workout?” First thing’s first: when you exercise you create micro tears in muscle fibers, commonly called DOMS (delayed…
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October 10, 2015 in Default

Progression of Exercises to Complete a Pull-Up

A pull-up is an advanced exercise to build upper body strength - needed by kayakers, hikers, and climbers. These exercises will assist you in gaining the strength to complete a proper pull-up.…
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July 28, 2015 in Default

What is functional about functional training?

The terms functional fitness and sport-specific training get tossed around a lot these days, but what do they mean? Sport-specific training is training designed for a particular sport. So it…
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July 14, 2015 in Default

Is Your Training Doing More Harm Than Good?

Athletes are known for being in top physical shape, but even the most conditioned athlete can end up feeling tired and rundown.  Are you working harder, but going slower?  Don’t…
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June 24, 2015 in Default


An underrated component of improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is self-monitoring: observing your behaviour and evaluating it in relation to your goals, especially if those goals are to kick…
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May 24, 2015 in Default


It is no secret that nutrition plays a vital role in performance no matter what you are training for.  It is also no secret that knowing when to eat and…
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April 24, 2015 in Default

ASK THE RMT: Stephanie Cardoso

Q: What is Massage Therapy and the benefits of this service? Massage Therapy is defined as the assessment and treatment of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue of…
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March 11, 2015 in Default

Never Underestimate the Sleep!

Have you been getting sick often? Are you getting injured more often, not feeling rested when you wake up, or starting to lose the motivation you once had for competing?…
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