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By July 26, 2013August 26th, 2013Adventure Travel Company

The first week of April I attended a family wedding in the beautiful Mayan Riviera, Mexico. As an adventure travel specialist – this is not a destination we often deal with, the destination being mostly All Inclusives. Naturally, I was determined to inject a little adventure in what is normally a flop-and-drop holiday. We rented a car and took a drive down the Ruta de los Cenotes (Cenote Route). Cenotes are sink holes filled with fresh water fed by underground rivers. The Yucatan Peninsula is chock full of them!  There are two kinds of cenotes: open and covered.  We visited one of each. The open cenotes are warmer while the underground ones are – you guessed it – colder and often have stalagmites dripping from the ceiling.


The admission is usually between $12 and $20 USD unless you visit some of the more developed cenotes where you can pay up to $100USD for a visit. There are usually jumping platforms and sometimes zip lines that you can throw yourself in to the water from. Many boast resident fish that, if you stay still long enough, will come on munch on your dead skin cells – yum! Cenotes are one of my favorite attractions on the Yucatan peninsula and if you have a chance I highly recommend a visit to one! Renting a car is simple and driving in the area was no problem at all – plus, this allowed us to sample some local restaurants off the resort for some authentic Mexican fare. Otherwise, many of the larger operations offer roundtrip transportation from most hotels.


This just goes to show you can have an adventure on any type of holiday!

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