Looking to improve your durability on a bike?

Want to bring your mountain capabilities on a bike to the next level? At Monvida Sports we train inside the gym for what we do outside, and mountain biking is no exception. Train and build your body for the demands of mountain biking. In these training sessions you will be building a strong and durable body to prevent potential injuries, increasing your power to push it up any hill that comes your way, and up the level of endurance in your legs to keep you going all day. Increasing your performance on a bike is our number one goal! All levels of mountain biking enthusiasts are welcomed. Each training session is packed with sport specific training information, and questions are always encouraged. Everything at Monvida is planned, progressed and monitored, nothing is random, and that’s the way we believe you will improve and see results on the bike. In the Monvida laboratory we take in athletes and produce machines. Do you have what it takes to train at Monvida?