Corrective exercise techniques when performing a push-up


We’ve all spotted someone in the gym looking like they’re getting intimate with the floor or dipping their head low as if bobbing for apples. Push-ups are one of those exercises that when done wrong will look VERY wrong. Here are tips to keep you looking good while keeping your back, neck, and shoulders in a structurally stable position during your push-ups.

Rule 1: Start your push-up in a plank position, with hands directly under your shoulders. Have your shoulders rolled back and down, as if they are sucked into their sockets. Keep your tummy tight, as if braced to receive a punch. Squeeze your butt to keep your back in a neutral position and prevent your lower back from sagging.

Rule 2: As you lower yourself to the ground, keep your neck straight, looking at the floor, but don’t reach for the floor with your chin. You want to have your chest touch the floor before your chin. Keep the inside of your elbows pointed forward so that your elbows are not turned to the sides like wings; keep them right by your rib cage.

Rule 3: As you push up from the floor, try screwing your hands into the floor, rotating your palms outward and screwing your upper arms into your shoulder blades. This allows you to create more torque in your shoulder joints and puts them into a structurally more stable position.

Remember, only perform as many reps as you can while keeping your form spot on because faulty form can develop into bad habits and the risk of serious shoulder injury.

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